Real Estate

Estate Planning

Estate Administration

Whether you are purchasing a home, making an investment in real estate, refinancing your mortagage, or using a home as collateral for a loan, effectively managing the sale, purchase, and use of real estate is essential. We are honored to assist individuals and companies in the buying and selling of both residential and commercial real property.  We provide hands on guidance in all types of real estate matters including lease drafting and review, Certificates of Appropriateness, and land use and zoning issues.

The old adage proclaims:  “It’s always important to plan ahead.” At Gene Davis Law, PLLC, we work with our clients to ensure that estate planning needs are met for every stage of life and family. From simple last will and testaments to comprehensive estate planning documents, our firm consistently helps clients plan ahead which provides the peace of mind that only truly comprehensive estate preparation can bring.

The last thing family and loved ones should have to endure following a death is the complicated manner of administering an estate.  No matter how large or small, the North Carolina law provides for the orderly and timely administration of a decedent’s assets. At Gene Davis Law, PLLC we help families administer estates and trusts all across North Carolina. From legal advice during the administration, or the advice, support, and representation for the duration of an entire estate administration, our firm accepts various roles in the estate administration process.

Business Law

Eminent Domain

Starting and running a business can be one of the most rewarding and challenging things a person can do.  We are honored to assist many clients in the formation of businesses, the review and negotiation of contracts, leases, franchise agreements, and other important documents, the drafting of contracts, and the winding up and dissolution of businesses.  We are honored to represent many small and medium-sized businesses.

If your real property is subject to eminent domain proceedings by a governmental body, a utility company, or a railroad, we will work to ensure that you are fairly compensated for your property or the portion of your property that is taken.  We can take your case on an hourly basis, or we can take your case on a contingency fee basis to eliminate the up front expense of attorney’s fees for our clients.

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